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bee Staff asked 3 months ago

Hi Rosen, this is a really interesting idea! Why is your focus only on Mallorca? I think there is much more potential in bigger cities like Barcelona, Paris, Milan,….where your revenue stream will be better.

Jürgen Weiss by Linkedit

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bee Staff answered 3 months ago

The project which can endlessly expand …
I’ve been researching the market for quite some time.
I chose Palma de Mallorca, because here are the biggest ones
Average Daily Cost of tourists for the whole of Spain.
In addition, there are several hidden advantages at the local location.


We have staked in our plans to conquer next suitable growth places, but we have a strictly metric.
According to our criteria, in order to be successful and invincible, we have to look at things to perfection. For Palma de Majorca alone, we will need about 3-5 years until we are completely exhausted.