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bee Staff asked 2 months ago

Hi Rosen:
I wish you all the best in your new start up. I have just shared your idea in LinkedIn, let’s hope it reaches to a lots of people. Unfortunately I cannot afford to invest in other business than mine. I am about to sell my own premium ham holder and I can only be focused on that at the moment. I wish you all the success for this way of tourism. I have an apartment in Majorca, and thankfully I get some profits from it. The more tourist, the better for everyone of us!

Kind regards,
Marcos Álvarez Rodríguezby LinkedIn

I took a look. You are targeting a popular industry which is good. Beyond that I have no personal connection to the area or service that you are providing. Its not a positive or negative, it just is what it is. Snapchat became a billion dollar company and I have no connection to it as well. However I can understand your passion and and the need that you see for this tourist destination. Best of luck to you and the team Rosen



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bee Staff answered 2 months ago

Dear Marcos,
Thank you very much; your support is greatly appreciated.

King Regards,