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bee Staff asked 2 months ago

Hi, Rosen,
thank you for your presentation. Currently you are in a bit to early stage for angel financing. I would advice you to make ASAP an MVP and get some traction. If you’re going rigt with the traction, than i’d love to hear some more about you. Ok? đŸ™‚

Arturas Meskele    by Linkedin



Thx for the opportunity to engage. I’m sure there are firms in Spain that can assist you with market & culture which I would assume the travel business maps to.

Good luck!

Bob Dinkel  by Linkedin


Hi Rosen!
I took a look into your website and you’ve made an interesting project, congrats! I was thinking of this: do you know Telefonica Open Future program? They have one center specifically orientated to Tourism start-ups and that’s placed in Palma. Maybe you could contact them even as a previous stage for further acceleration (e.g. in Wayra Academies). Wish it can be useful :).
Keep in touch!

J.Prat  by Linkedin


I unfortunately can’t, but if you’re looking for at least 150k of private funding for your startup with at least 6 months of revenues we could love to analyse the investment opportunity. please send us an email at

G. Gallart  by Linkedin