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bee Staff asked 2 months ago

Hi Rosen,

From my perspective you need a deeper Business Plan: specially with a few more scenarios: Máximum risk is a must for Start Up Companies. You also need to provide wich KPIs are driving your business in order a posible investor could connect reality and Company. The other thing you need to provide to an investor is security: How his investment become’s a part of the Company and wich rights they will have (Shares, Shareholders meetings, Board members, etc..)

Best wishes,

Antoni R. by Linkedin



Dear Rosen,

The idea is good, although not disruptive (I hate this word!) – basically, you’re working on a all-in-one-tourist-assistant, apparently. This is not an issue for IPR nor know-how, I assume, but rather first-to-market. For now, this is not interesting for VC investments. No scalability for now. In case this would work well locally, then it can be spread – but the success will probably depend, then, on how fast you would grow, hence the concept is easy to copy – a-tourist-services-guide-aggregator. So, shall it work – then, potentially, that can become interesting to Vcs. I would suggest (I am sure you know that by yourself) that you focus on getting funded locally, by local authorities and local businesses, hence they are directly interested in getting a better tourist flow (would it be a better tourist flow for them? not sure, actually, but why not try). When you’ll have a PoC locally and a decent MRR, then that could be the time for VCs. Good luck with the venture. Sorry, can’t help much for now.

Br., Anton



I have to say, great presentation and I can see a lot of work has went it the proposal. Some humble opinion I have:

1) alot of change since 2014 and creating a new platform against google map is a lost cause.

2) I would rather add more value on google map by using AR or using LBS

3) a lot of money is spend on implement technology but can this be replicated to other cities?

4) Funding are looking at the business potential, not technology implementation, try to focus on the revenue model

5) narrow down the 5 problem statement link them to direct business value.


C. Kwee by Linkedin

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bee Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Please – STOP
We are constantly confronted with questions and recommendations from investors that do not fit our stage. Please stop asking: Business Plan, KPIs, IPR, MMR, UPS, PoC, Performance Testing, CRO, Finance Forecast, Balance sheet on 3-5 years
Either investors do not read the presentation or do not understand the difference between Pre-Seed and Seed or other stage.

Please be professionals and keep yourself as such …

No compromise and excuses,