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bee Staff asked 2 months ago

Buenas tardes Rosen,
Después de revisar vuestra pàgina web comentar que el concepto está muy bien y es muy innovador por otro lado comentar que la página web me parece muy poco intuitiva deberías de ser mucho mas breve y concisa saludos.

B.Canyelles   by Linkedin


Hi Rosen,
I do believe you guys had a great idea but I also think that you need to work a little bit more on your site if you really want to atract investors. So far, it is not user friendly and presents the info in such a way that people is not engaged in keeping reading. Good luck!

P. Barea   by Linkedin


Dear Rosen,
Than you for contacting me. Personlly I think that the app can be really interesting, however the big challenge I would see is that there are already platforms that offer different services which are already worldwide recognized. It would be difficult to compete against them and to attrac companies such TTOO and hotels if the idea does not offer something special that anyone else offers already, even you combine all of them. This is my personal review and I wish you all the best.

Best regards

A.Porras   by Linkedin



Dear Rosen,
I’m really glad to see teams developing touristech from Mallorca. I guess that the objective of this page is to raise some funds. I will try to tell you what I think can be improved on the webpage as I would like someone to tell me if I were you:

– You need a lawyer, seriously. You can not ask for money like this, you could get in serious trouble. With every single person you receive money from, you need to sign an agreement and tell them exactly what they will get in exchange for the investment. You should include in the web the valuation of the company and what percentage you are offering. I seriously recommend deleting the IBAN and ask to get in touch.

-Check the grammar and the correct formulation of sentences. Try Grammarly, it is excellent.

-The order seems wrong, I want to read a quick pitch in the summary because if I don’t know what I’m reading about I will just get bored. – Team: I need to see it waaaay earlier. Why isn’t there a CEO or at least a Lead?

– Finally, you should focus in Eastern Europe, it is an excellent market, and you solve a problem for them, not for the brits, germans… They already know what they want. I have seen many similar projects fail because they couldn’t get what the customer really needed. I hope that this helps you but, of course, this is simply my opinion. For much better info than mine, you should check Keep up with the good work.

Cheers, Álvaro   by Linkedin


Hi Rosen ,
in my opinion seems very interesting because our tourist people needs a specify content relates by tourism in Mallorca. So, we will increase our quality service and Mallorca can be more competitive destination that others european countries.. Nice 🙂 ..

C. Villota   by Linkedin

Dear Rosen,
Thanks for sharing your idea, i have seen the project , and it’s quite interesting. In my opinion, the concept is well focused, there is an exististing need, and there are surely people working on similar products. Myself worked in a bussiness plan very close to it during my MBA.

You asked for my advice, im sure that you have made an intensive Market research, so excuse me if i’m overthinking, but Maybe it would be easier to focus on a thinner room of age in terms of customers, to develop an accurate offer of activities during the take off phase, in other to expand options further in time, i don’t know if a bussiness angel will invest in if yo don’t prove that you can monetize first.

Best of lucks and hope to hear from your company in the next future.

Kind regards

M. Rosello   by Linkedin



I’m watching the project and I like it. I am thinking that it is important to give real contents to the places of visits. One of the most common mistakes is that when a tourist arrives at a certain place there are few real data they know. But also Mallorca is unknown to many local inhabitants so the app could be useful for them too.

I have been living on the island for 20 years and I dedicated myself to researching their hidden treasures and it is necessary that they are also available to anyone with curiosity to visit us.

If you allow me, I would like to make a small recommendation, look for certain and detailed historical contents. keep in touch.

Cecilia   by Linkedin

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bee Staff answered 2 months ago

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your kind consideration.