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bee Staff asked 2 months ago

Thanks for the link, I’ve looked at it right now.
I’ve seen many touristic applications (e.g. Visist-A-City, Palma de Mallorca) and don’t believe there is much room for one more. Your proposed solution does not show – at a cursory glance – enough differentiation and additional value to be sucessful.

Best, Dr. Johann Schlieper by Linkedin

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bee Staff answered 2 months ago

Dear Johann,

We know and we studied in details all Applications for Palma de Mallorca.

(Palma de Mallorca- guide, Palma mapa offiline y guia, Mallorca Guia, Guia Palma, Palma Guia, Pacha Mallorca, Rutas de Tapas, MalllorcaApp, MallorCard, Islas Baleares Guia de Viajes, abcMallorca, Palma Stamp …)

In our list of competitors, we noted only the big companies entering the top 100 ranking of SimillarWeb, which have over 200 000 visits per month and have over 100 000 users,  and none of the apps fall into this category.
We have a lot of potential to be better and stronger in ways they can’t
We are ready to make change and adapt to trends and customer requests and we can connect on a more personal level with customers.


bee Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Rosen
I am still not convinced. Up until now you could not show me what makes you unique in the marketplace.
And what kind of support do you expect from me ?


bee Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Dr. Johann,
Yes, it is very difficult to visualize our concept. We do not have powerful hardware and tools.

Remember that we are at the stage – an idea!

At the moment I do not know what more can be added to the site so that it gets more appealing and shiny.
Or maybe you should not?
Are we obviously confusing something and would you be happy to tell us what is missing?
We will consider our presentation and add details.

Thank You For You Time,