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  • Stage : Pre-Seed Startup

  • Geography : Palma de Mallorca/Spain

  • Industry: Tourism,Travel

  • MVP :  Internet Platform, Mobile App, Paper Map

  • Customer/Revenue Growth: Customer Validation, Idea Validation, Analisys Market, Build Menagement Team, Refine Business Plan, …

  • Cofounding Team : 5-6

  • Types of Funding : Equity Financing & Crowdfunding

Coming Soon

Who we are ...

Hi friends,

We moved to Mallorca 3 years ago from Ibiza, where we live from 16 years. 8 years ago we started our adventure with graphic design. We have done different works for other clients and finally decided to challenge ourselves and launch a product of our own. Since always we have worked in the tourism sector in its different areas and we can say that we have enough knowledge in this field. After a freelance time as graphic designers we saw that working for others always limits your creativity. This is why we decided to combine experience and new ideas that can help the tourism sector which is the main economic engine in the Balearic Islands and in our case Mallorca.



Ohhh, of course-the project is unlimitedly expandable :0)

We will  come soon to your country, city and neighborhood ….

I'm waiting for details ...

+34 648 004 300
Palma de Mallorca - Spain
WhatsApp - yes